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What does your data have to do with UPS?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Long ago, whenever companies needed to move their goods, they bought trucks. These trucks would then carry their packages. This meant they needed to hire drivers, too. Then they had to decide:

  • What size of trucks to buy?

  • How to package the goods being transferred?

  • How far to deliver the goods and how to get to the destination?

The list of questions just went on and on and got increasingly complicated. Long story short, each company had to become their own delivery experts - which was obviously impossible!

The American Messenger Company (now UPS) was born in 1907. By 1925, it was booming all over. How?

They solved the near-impossible delivery challenge companies faced. They made sure companies requesting delivery need not know even the ABCs of delivery and still get their work done efficiently!

What the world knows is that UPS minted money. What we know is that all of UPS’s partners minted money - because now they all could focus better on their unique selling points without worrying about fast and timely deliveries.

Fast forward to today - the UPS value proposition is “we know logistics”. And they mean it! Never does their customer need to worry about vehicles, drivers, distances, packaging, fuel costs, or timelines. UPS takes care of it all! Today, have you ever heard a company say, “We should build our own trucking company?”

So, we at Datadel asked "Is your electronic data really that different?


We at Datadel provide data logistics and delivery solutions. We have the capability to retrieve your data from anywhere and everywhere and we put you in charge of it. Our network can integrate different wireless technologies (be it cellular, satellite, or terrestrial wireless) with your sensors to get you the critical IoT data you need, whenever and however you need it.

We then deliver this data via a user-friendly interface, granting you real-time access to your network and also the ability to change delivery schedules should your needs evolve.

Let us handle your data logistics the way you let UPS handle your shipments. For more information, visit

DataDel - Your Data. Delivered.

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